Lillah donations

AsSalaamu’Alaykum wa Rahamtullah.

As you know, Masajid’s are temporarily closed due the current pandemic.

During this Ramadan, Birmingham Jame Masjid will still be closed, however the expenses of Masjid continues.

We request that you donate some of your Lillah to the Masjid during this holy month.

This can be done, either online or by dropping it off at the Masjid between Asr and Maghrib where it will be collected in line with government guidelines (by the appointed Trustee).

Masjid account details are:
Account name: Birmingham Anjuman-e-Islam Trust, NatWest.
Sort code: 60-16-24
Acc No: 00303283

Any Fitrana, Sadaqah or Zakat can also be dropped off at the Masjid between Asr and Maghrib every day.

May Allah shower His blessings upon us all during this holy month, Ameen.