Eid ul Adha will be on Friday 1st September 2017.

First salah is at 7.00am in Urdu. Second salah is at 8.00 am in English.


Birmingham Jame Masjid strongly condemns the brutal terrorist attack near the Finsbury Park Mosque in London last night.

We wish to share our sincere condolences, thoughts and prayers, to the families and friends of that innocent individual who died and those injured in this horrific, cowardly terrorist attack.

Terrorists are terrorist, regardless of any faith or no-faith. There is no justification whatsoever for such acts of horrific violence and brutality, which is completely against the good of humanity. Those responsible must be brought to justice to protect good, in our constant fight to eradicate evil within humanity.

We ask the government to take necessary action to stop the activities of these terrorists – irrespective of their colour, race or religion.

We offer our full support to the government in regards to tailing extremism and terrorism.





Responsibilities of Muslims, as law abiding citizens, in a Non-Muslim state:

Let States (countries) review their foreign policies and tackle international terrorism. Individual have no right to take the law into their own hands.

Dear fellow Citizens,

Please be vigilant and report any suspicious activity, by any individual, who may earn a bad name for our Religion, to your local authorities, considering it as a religious and ethical duty.
Islam covers each and every aspect of human life including Muslim relations with non-Muslims and their attitude towards non-Muslim states. There are clear directives in the Holy Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ with regards to Muslims residing in non-Muslim countries.
• The Islamic law requires Muslim subjects of non-Muslim states to reside as law abiding subjects, to fulfil the conditions of their residence or stay in those countries and keep themselves away from any treacherous and destructive activities. The Holy Quran and various sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ have clearly enjoined on Muslims to give respect to the oath or agreement taken or concluded by them with regard to non-Muslims.

• Muslims are required to reside peacefully and cooperate with the local administration

• Respect the law of the land, as long as it does not openly contradict with religious beliefs.

• Be faithful and loyal to the residing country and fellow citizens.

• Be honest in the economic dealings and do not permit any act of betrayal, treachery and deceit to the people of other faiths or no faiths.

• Muslims are required to extend a helping hand and provide defence to the country and its citizens.

• It is a well-established fact that Islam does not allow any kind of aggression or oppression against any person, and doing so in relation to peace loving people is a heinous crime in the view of Islamic laws.

A true Muslims is someone from whom others are safe and feel protected.